Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super 2014

The latest modified os already released today with new feature and performance. This os is modified os, what the meaning of modified? It means this os created by Xp fans, like windows xp black edition and the other version, but the basic system of course microsoft and in this version we don't need any serial number to activate it, just download and install and enjoy it. Why this os called by Xp Glass Edition cause it has windows 7 interface, with new interface and new update now this xp can be used by xp fans. Some feature already deleted in this version, like deleted some languages, backgrounds old, Tour and definition of the printer.
Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super 2014

Windows Xp SP 3 Glass  Super Edition 2014

Date Released : 2014
Version : Glass Xp SP 3 Super
Category : OS Modified
Publisher : Microsoft
Support : 32 Bit
Format : ISO

Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super

Windows Xp SP 3 Glass Super 2014

Windows Xp SP 3 Glass

Windows Xp SP 3 Glass Super Dekstop

Windows Xp SP 3 Glass Super Dekstop

Some feature in this os :
  • Included the latest updates March 2014
  • Added to the definitions SATA
  • Choose best theme for this os cause already included by 17 Theme transparent glass.
  • Deleted old games in xp and already added 10 new games.
  • More stable xp with new interface and design
Download Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super 2014

Best xp with new interface and transparent edition, more stable with new feature and adds on, no malware or anything that can harm your pc. Xp black edition, glass edition, Genius edition all modified os with high rating download.

Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super 2014

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  1. need windows blind product key sir....

  2. cant use windows blind need to activate sir

  3. Replies
    1. Can you describe the problem?

    2. when i press glass themes, product windows will appear sir... the glass themes need to activate first before i can use.. i still using your Windows Glass Xp SP 3 Super 2014 up to now.. i really like your work sir i like to see what will change if the windows blinds activated.. sir can you help me activate the windows blinds? pls.... i like to use all the features of this great os sir..pls help....

    3. I'm sorry for my late to reply your post.
      Try this one :

      Note : Choose regular download (FREE)
      This one i use for WindowsBlind V7.4, i hope this could help you

      1 Close the program
      2 Put the patch in the folder with the program, patch files
      3 Topics are set by double-clicking the mouse, only after installing windowblinds
      4 Start Trial Reset when you need it (the program at this off is not required)

      What is your current windows blind version?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Kok beberapa window jd brbahasa arab ya? Ganti ke b inggrise gmana nii?

  6. Greek language is missing from the Input Text Languages. Any ideas how to install the greek language? Thanks